B2B Sales Executive on commission we offer:

40% commission on Contracts £3,999.00 plus

15% commission on Contracts between £300.00- £3,999.00

After four months the position progresses by default to

B2B Sales Executive on a paid starting salary (SS) of £59,000.00 with 8% Commission

L'interjekt's signed Contracts are Web and App builds £3,000.00 - £7,000.00; Database and Intranets £7,000.00 - £36,000.00; Advertising & Marketing £4,000 - £9,000.00; Graphic Design, brand and logo & artwork £500.00 - £9,000.00

L'interjekt is a creative design and marketing atelier injecting strategic high concept design and development elements into our clients brands and marketing campaigns.

We are seeking to plant a highly competent team of talented sales men and women to work on commission and bring in new contracts for our design and development, web and app, I.T, graphic design and advertising and marketing solutions.

  1. Will have solid experience and proven track record of working experience is Sales Assistant positions

  2. Promotion to B2B Sales Executive is on condition of consistently meeting sales targets during the six months

  3. Three years plus University theoretical and practical placement experience in any Business related degree is necessary - evidence of Certificates will be required.



You will be required to:-

  • Steer new appointments through familiar client relation practices in order to negotiate deals from pitch scenarios to signed agreements

  • Carry out cold calling adhering to daily target sheets

  • Researching and acquiring data

  • Apprehending new client lists through frequent B2B walk-ins

  • Generating leads and booking new and follow up appointments

  • Booking presentation and pitch meetings with new clients

  • Attending pitches with relevant Web Developers or Advertising and Marketing staff

  • Local and national travel required

  • Nurturing existing client relationships on a monthly basis


Commission salary average £25,000.00
Starting salary £59,000.00

Thank you for your interest in our

Vocations. Before you apply please

open the attachment to read up on our 

Vocations requirements

We are looking for a talented Graduate with the following:-

  • At least three years University/ Work experience in front-end and and back end design and development of websites and apps for iOS and Android

  • At least three years University experience building and programming websites and apps from nothing to completion including programming its applications, database, staff intranets and back offices


Proficient in the following :-

  • Can apply graphic design disciplines to create films, videos, animated text, and web based animations and apps

  • Can design, code and modify websites to fine art, aesthetically pleasing, high-end standard with a luxury appeal from layout to function, with user friendly design and clear navigation from layout to function and according to a clients specification


Front-end and back-end, high-end design and development of complex, fine art, conceptual websites and apps; responsive databases, intranets and back offices. 

You will also be tasked with presenting weekly creative and inspiring tutorials on L'interjekts Design Masters of science, art, technology, innovation, design and invention on our Social Media channels


The talented Graduate will meet ALL requirements:-

  • Will get a kick out of being the one to solve complex programming design briefs, have an intuitive knack for discerning where tech innovations can be injected into our client’s web based services to upgrade their competitive edge; and have strong design acumen and acute creative instincts

  • Can apply graphic design disciplines to create films, videos, animated text, and web based animations and apps

  • Can design, code and modify websites that are fine art, aesthetically pleasing, high end and with a luxury appeal from layout to function, with user friendly design and clear navigation from layout to function and according to a clients specification

  • Creative abilities to present fresh new ideas daily and develop them in a way that communicates a strong message and evokes a powerful and emotional response from the consumer

  • Skilled at executing these ideas from start to finish, (making full use of the human resources available) in innovative, exemplary and original ways by combining different audio, video, photography, animation and illustration components

  • Can code on Template websites like Wix and Webflow

  • Will have both the theoretical and practical knowledge and be proficient in the following:-

       CSS, HTML, C++, Joomla, PHP, Wordpress, JQuery,

       Photoshop CC, CADFor 2d and 3d Animation              

      (Photoshop CS6 & CC)

Brand Ambassador

£55,000 (negotiable)

L'interjekt Pro Bono is a division of our company that offers free design, advertising and marketing strategies to charities and non profit organisations.

Our client is a Social brand body of volunteers who go by the inspiring mission statement "changing the world one community at a time"
Their aim and global agenda is to restore, regenerate, recover, rehabilitate and re-discover:-
- Arts & Heritage communities and restoration projects
- Communities affected by war and natural disasters
- Endangered wildlife and natural habitat communities affected by war, poaching and natural disasters
- 4-16 yr old Special Education Needs communities affected by learning disabilities

As a body formed entirely of Volunteers they aim to be a practical 'hands-on' ready resource of skilled men and women to these communities through the implementation of various brand advertising and brand marketing campaigns and strategies.

Whilst one half of the body attends directly to these communities, utilising the power of brand and Social Media, they are seeking Brand Ambassador voluntary workers to be the face and front person of their social brand and behind the scenes activities, pioneering the discovery, celebration and announcement of arts and culture, news and information in order to raise awareness of these communities, increase brand power, gain sponsorship, partnerships and funding.


You will research and keep abreast of news and information on the following global markets, communities and industries:-

Food & Drink, Politics, Government, Employment, Conservationism, Arts & Heritage, Arts Restoration, the Arts, Architecture, Interior & design, Business Ecosystems, Travel, Tourism, Leisure, Retail, the High Street, Consumerism, Trade, Technology, Start-Ups, Economy, Film, Television, Music, Pop Culture, Archaeology, History, Excavation & Discovery, Wildlife, Humanitarian Issues, Well-being, Health & Beauty, Mindfulness & Wellness, Psychology, Education, Skills & Innovation

From and on behalf of this list you will be tasked to do the following:-

  • Present weekly, live features and segments on arts and culture, high street fashion, pop culture and the topics listed above

  • Present 30 minute filmed Food & Drink Review (weekly)

  • present 5 -10 minute news feeds on culture and entertainment around the world (daily)

  • Present live reports from red carpets of film premieres, arts entertainment awards shows as well as book launches, product launches from the list above, speaking to actors, artists, creators, writers etc about their craft, the project and any other upcoming projects (weekly)

  • Embark on Discovery global tours on any of the topics above

  • Will write content and build a material of publishing’s and literary articles on the topics outlined above (weekly)

  • Will research news and real time information concerning the topics outlined above and will create daily posts and feeds from this information on Social media on behalf of the client.


Celebrity culture and celebrity gossip is omitted unless their work is being celebrated, reviewed, spotlighted or referenced. Reports on celebrity personal matters are not permitted.

All the filmed shows will broadcast live on Twitter, YouTube, and on the clients websites, and eventually on their global Network channel, therefore, you will need to feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and in having your face and name on Social Media


One of the requirements of this post is to review all types of cultural dishes from around the world, all restaurants, cafes, diners and so on as well as the review of all alcoholic beverages, drinks, bars and late night lounges.

Please only apply if this will not affect your religious, dietary or health requirements and practices


*This post requires lots of travel abroad (this usually happens after 4 months) therefore, please only apply if you have a valid Passport and have no travel restrictions

Lots of travel (local, national and abroad)
Meet new people and experience different cultures
Dining in restaurants for free!

Start Date:

Vocations Manager (VM)

£38,900.00 + bonus incentives


Your main goal and chief target will be to motivate the Interns, Volunteers, Voluntary Workers and New Starters to finish well and move forward either into the paid positions awaiting them or if New Starters, to complete their probationary period to a satisfactory finish

  • Manage the New Starters during their 6 or 12 months Probationary Period

  • Manage Interns/ Volunteers, Voluntary Workers and Placement Students through to the start and completion of their Internship, Placement or Voluntary Program at L'interjekt

  • Motivate, mentor and counsel and demand excellence 

  • Receive workload from the Director and assign tasks and duties accordingly

  • Review work daily

  • Manage their personal files in relation to their Performance Reviews

  • Perform and carry out inductions, rotation

  • Check staffs Competency & Skills based performance review Books at the end of the day, digitally record / scan work pages into the system and send to Head Office at the end of the month

  • Mange and monitor performance shrewdly, pushing for excellence on EVERY task

  • Enforce L'interjekt strict design codes of practice, quality and innovation

  • Quality assurance over work and performance training staff to be diligent in over delivering on promise and design standards

  • Grasp and fully understand the role of the individuals you are managing and if an Intern the permanent paid role they are working towards

  • Write brutally honest reports on performance and eligibility for the roles staff are in and make honest unbiased recommendations and clear projections

  • Have a detailed and birds eye view of the teams skills, performance and the staffs fit at L'interjekt


Liaise daily and weekly with the Director to understand the task sheets, daily weekly and monthly targets and know how, where, when and where the staff can obtain the resources they require to meet their deadlines

L'interjekt is a firm believer in the power of stimulating and mind invigorating places and experiences to provoke innovative ideas. You will frequently to organise Interns/ Volunteers, Voluntary Workers, New Starters to work in creative design environments and hot-spots and manage the team there

You will carry weight and authority in Performance Review Meetings in recommendations to dismiss staff, promote staff, continue staff on probation, disciplinary etc.


Person Profile



Be unafraid (daily) to challenge poor performance, negative attitudes, slackness or poorly developed work 

Shrewd, stern and 'tuned on' approach to managing people

Be robust and flexible as you will be managing a new set of people every four to six months

Be an incredible motivator, inspiring individual and brand ambassador of the company to make new starters and Interns finish the process and stay on at L'interjekt

Be in charge of planning and executing lavish 'Graduation' diners and events for the successful candidates who finish the 'course'

This job will suit an individual who has a 'hands-on' rather than 'laid back' style to managing people and is hard to impress; yet is a likeable person



You MUST have a degree OR three years experience in any of the following:-

Human Resources

Management (any type)

Business Management

Teaching (any topic)

Art & Design

Computer Studies


Customer Services




You receive a special bonus:

10% of the staffs starting salary who complete the Internship/probationary period/voluntary Program process at L'interjekt

Most of L'interjekt starting salaries begin at £24,000.00 so this is achievable and a great incentive!

Post opens Monday 7th January 2018

We are seeking a fine art illustrator animator who has 2d and 3d technical drawing skills and animator skills.


Must be proficient in Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Cinema 4 and Blender or Houdini

You will be working on our clients projects: a new Media Arts entertainment TV Network with global opportunities to continue work with them as a paid employee.

Candidates, who prove themselves, work hard and fulfill their Pro Bono four month Voluntary Workers Design Program, will be invited to join the Network as an in-house Animator for their animated films, and TV series.

You will be required to work on major animated film projects  you will be required to create animated storyboards, i-dents, adverts and short anime stories for the client in accordance with their design brief


Fine art illustrate an original composition:

Gigi Hadid playing with a cat

Take a photo of your completed work and submit it to us along with your CV and links to show-reels of your animated works for our consideration.

Post opens Monday 7th January 2018

Post opens Monday 7th January 2018

Senior Architect


Post opens Monday 7th January 2018

Post opens Monday 7th January 2018

Budding Filmmakers this is a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills and work for our Art House Film and Broadcasting Media client.

L'interjekt is a creative design technology atelier that offers extensive creative media advertising and marketing concepts for companies in the Arts, Fashion, Sports and Media Entertainment sectors.

This role will allow you to take the helm in directing and creating art house productions weekly for our clients growing global Network Station programs and sound bites.