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INJKT Architecture design offers an outstanding workforce of fresh thinking graduate Architects, Technicians, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, researchers and draftsmen led by a managerial body of proven Registered Principal and Senior Architects all of whom come highly trained to deliver style and finesse to your grand designs.


Our services range from small home improvements, art installations, glass works, bespoke digital media screens to retail and media art parks, vast property investment sites, penthouses and residential estates.

With a matchless interior design practice attached to the team, we bring you an all in one tailored service that is second to none.


 History defines our craft and dictates our ethos and strive for excellence from inception to delivery.

 We are governed by the founding fathers of architecture who have set a precedence of method, analysis, vanguard perspectives, technical ability and visionary elegance, that we follow 


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The fabric of our design body is complimentary to your project and adaptable to suit your needs whether it be for business, home  or pleasure.

With inter-woven design skills running through our Atelier, the common thread among our bespoke practices is to produce textured design experiences for you and those around you that are layered with architectural integrity and practical ingenuity.


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Our areas of expertise range from contemporary designs, edgy and sleek silhouettes to imperious classical, artisinal structures the latter  being the restoration and the rebuild of traditional heritage sites, buildings, landmarks and landscapes.

We work with and further support arts and heritage charities so you can be assured of authentic and fine art input from our specialist artists, designers and historical advisors

INJKT Architecture Design brings to the table interior artisans, structural engineers, technology programmers and art-workers to offer new insight into the best use of materials, and environmental considerations required from using them. We offer defining in-house multi-disciplinary creative services that use light, artwork, bespoke engineering and software to enhance this.
By investing in our  architectural supplier networks, we ensure direct global access to specialist and government persons in the industry and relentlessly take on the task of resolving legislative issues surrounding your project, such as planning permission and building regulations.

As experienced designers in our element, we will take your design idea and make sure it is translated into a practical, usable but aesthetically pleasing project. Using our diplomatic abilities to project manage on site, we will be able to provide an invaluable and peaceful working relationship between you and your builder, to ensure we add the creative continuity and spark needed to make a building more than just a functional space.

As a house of diverse design fields, you can be assured of a flexible time management structure that allows you to build on your project with upgrades, modifications, alteration and extensions at your own pace and budget, all the while keeping it with the same team of people in-house and completely tailored to your needs.



At INJKT we tell the story of your home. Your own choice of colours, fabrics, and choice of marbles and chrome, stone or wood paneling, are requirements that we will work with you to achieve.

 We begin your journey with us by expertly matching you with our award winning consultants who are renowned in their field and also have their own interior home brands with major retailers to give you the complete INJKT bespoke experience going forward

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We make your designer home and space come alive with innovative intuitive interior  technologies integrated with discrete care, into the infrastructure of your home all with your absolute pleasure experience in mind. As you live in the sheer delight of our superlative sleek 'one-of-a-kind' motion technologies,  and sophisticated glide and lift touch doors and bespoke digital delights, you'll be left with the satisfied knowing that with us:

"Things just work."



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