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Welcome to L'interjekt's Design & Development Teams Staff Zone!


6,000 point score

120 Design Work Journals 23 points (per DWJ)2760

24 Video Journals 15 points (per VJ)360

Meeting All Weekly/ Workload targets

24 Weekly Targets 120 points (per WT)1920

To successfully complete your Six Months Probation and progress to the next phase of your employment which is a fast track to either an increase in wages or salary, you must have demonstrated a certain degree of competency, skill development and aptitude to ensure this promotion.

We believe that the engagement of high competency, quality tasks carried out on a systematic basis really improves performance, mindsets, aptitude and quality of work.

On completion of INJKT's Design Competency Program you must achieve 92% in your Competency Based Performance Review earning a score of at least 5,840 or more.


Wage Increments of £4.00 per hour

Salary increase to £24,000.00


Your Six Months Probation is comprised of 120 days or 24 weeks or 6 months

120 days (5 days a week, 4 weeks in one month, 6 month Probation)

24 weeks (4 weeks in one month, 6 months Probation)



L’interjekt Design Work Journals (23) per daily entry

On your first day you will be given your Design Work Journals which is a hard-copy audit of your creative journey and process throughout your time at L’interjekt.

Your Journal should be your personal mood board; a source of inspiration; hold key information like important contacts, leads you want to chase up, special research interests, design ‘muses’ ‘light-bulb’ moments and ideas.

It must show the Reviewer/Trustee Director your work process, work ethics and creative approaches to executing your daily tasks and meeting important deadlines; it should show your logic, reasoning and creative journey enlisted to overcome challenges and how complex design briefs; and why you chose one solution from a multitude of options, outcomes and possibilities and it should identify your thought patterns through mind maps etc. It should show that learning is taking place; that you are increasing in knowledge, learning on the job and researching and mastering your craft.

Your design journal can include magazine pages, cut outs, text, notes, To Do lists, research work etc;

But it must include your daily To Do Lists and daily/weekly Targets

Your Manager/Director should give you weekly Targets or Workload and where applicable your Daily targets. If you are unsure or do not know what your Weekly targets are you must ask your Manager/Director immediately as an omission to show this will be flagged at your Review.

“You’ll be amazed at how much you have learned, how your skills will have improved and how your thinking has changed and developed strategically and creatively in just a few weeks!”

These journals are to be handed in to your Manager at the end of your work day for review and handed back to you at the start of your day and if not, please request them from your Manager.

Electronic copies of your Design Journals are also made and they are filed and sent to the Trustee Directors for performance reviews, wage evaluations, bonuses and pay rise reviews.


Social Media Design Journals (15)

During your Six Months probation you will be tasked with creating weekly Design Journals, which are creative 10 - 20 minute videos celebrating the work of a famous (living or dead) designer, architect, innovator, inventor, artist and creating an art piece that is a ‘like piece’ and tribute to them.

The first 3 - 6 minutes should be a brief biopic and history of the subject’s life, work achievements and highlights and you should then move seamlessly into the creation of your own design interpretation of the subjects work and style.

These Media Design Journals should be highly thought out, well researched submitted pieces as they are reviewed by the Trustee Directors.

The Trustee Directors will provide the name of the artists and the deadline to your Managers within reasonable time frames that are sufficient for you to prepare, collect information and come up with a concept for your Media Design Journal.

We do expect you to come up with fresh new imaginative and creative ideas every week, therefore once you have an idea in your head of what you want to achieve, you will need to inform your Managers of any additional props, tools, paints, materials (within reason and ahead of time), that you will need.

These requests will be reviewed by the Trustee Directors and your Mangers will be notified if they have been approved or rejected.

This means no requests for Fighter Planes, Lamborghinis, lions etc.

It is important that once we have given you your deadline that you take this seriously. Any Video Journal submitted after the deadline will not be posted which will affect your performance review score and ultimately your wages.

Media Design Journals are posted every Friday to our social Media Channels.